Between Two Homes

A Story of Resilience Jane Fry. Mum and Dad seem happier now. As for me, I have two houses to enjoy, a bigger family to share and love, and more people who love me.

Between Two Homes

Between Two Homes

Ben and his sister, Beth, live with their parents by the beach. They love walking together with their dog, Toby. Suddenly, one day, Bens father tells them he is moving. Bens life is shattered as he realizes his parents are separating, but gradually, he learns to adjust to the situation. The story follows his and the familys journey, while presenting a positive and optimistic view from Bens perspective about the whole situation. It is a story of developing resilience, and it gives children an opportunity for them to discuss this situation and learn how to cope with stressful situations and adversity while coming out on top. It is a great resource for schools and individuals.

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