Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money

3 : Inability to Benchmark Progress Most people have no idea if they are on target financially ( i.e. , if they are ... 4 : Using Tools and Strategies Designed for Other People's Needs Almost everything you might read about investing ...

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money

Bert Whitehead, named one of the "Best 60 Financial Advisors in America” by Worth magazine, has a unique "behavioral finance” approach that goes beyond mere number crunching to help people understand and overcome the complex psychological baggage they bring to their financial decisions. Tested and confirmed by hundreds of Bert’s clients--including celebrities such as Andrew Weil, MD, who wrote the foreword for the book--this system shows readers how to identify areas of financial dysfunction, and offers specific strategies designed to help different personality types achieve financial freedom by working with their own natural inclinations.

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