One With the Shadows

You stay here.” He went tountie the tent flaps. “Nonsense. I'm going with you.”She came to help him with the ties. “I don't think you want to see what may be out there.” She swallowed. “Ifit's bad, you're going to need help.

One With the Shadows

One With the Shadows

Kate Malone makes her living reading Tarot cards and fleecing society's elite. With no prospect of independence, her own fate looks bleak. But Kate's fortunes change when she steals a magnificent emerald—and is soon confronted by a mysterious stranger. Kate is sure that the striking gentleman's attention is a ruse to retrieve the gem. But his presence awakens her to passions she never dreamed of...and to powers she never knew she possessed. Gian Urbano is bound by honor to retrieve the mystical stone that can drain a vampire's power—and drive humans to madness. The willful, stunning Kate has no idea of the emerald's dark magic, or the lengths Gian's enemies will go to retrieve it. But soon Gian discovers in Kate a desire more compelling than duty—one that could save them both, or lead them to their downfall...

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