This is my very first attempt in writing a book with very little to no help from friends. ... and added to the Dictionaries of the World, primarily because it is effective enough to offset the problems in our world today.



Have you ever understood Quantum Mechanics, and how the atom and the mind, intimately interacts? Psychoatomology is a hidden mystery that is only hinted at by Egyptologists. Explained in vivid detail, you'll never look at life in the same nonchalant manner ever again. As a result, you will understand your virtual connection with, and to All Things, both near and far. For in the actuality you are not yet acquainted with, you'll be able to comprehend that this life you call real, is simply a channel that you have chosen to tune in to. This knowledge is priceless for those who are ready to discover the reality of their practical eternal natures on this earth, in this lifetime. It will reveal the connection of the Pyramids in Egypt and the Holy Bible on a practical level. The real application of this practicality, however, will come primarily to those who have studied; sufficiently prepared themselves; and who have given the code or password recorded within. Upon receiving this code or password, a "set of dates" will be forwarded to you. This "set of dates" is the "psychoatomic" level of "psychoatomology". Its exclusion from this, "the first book" is due primarily to its confidential nature. (See Events for contact, and for pertinent additional info.) Matthew 7:7. This book is the result of nearly 40 years of research. Its value is worth much more than its price for those who are ready to get in touch with Spirit full-time; and who are ready to walk through the doorway into a "new universe". You are the only person that knows what heaven should truly be like for you. You are being asked now to create it on this earth, at this time, so that all may be blessed. Matthew 6:10.

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