First Crush

Grandma always had accurate first impressions and if she had thought that he was nice, then that was good enough for me. ... "Well, well my dear, I believe you have your first crush." "Grandma, I don't think it is a crush, it's. . .it's ...

First Crush

First Crush

Maggie knew when it absolutely, positively happened. It was her first crush. She didn't plan it, she didn't premeditate it, it just had happened. Starting her junior year of high school, Maggie had been excited about all of the possibilities the year had to offer her. Playing goalie for the new soccer team, homecoming, starting her job at the bookstore, the Christmas Semi-Formal, and most of all the Junior Prom were the things that she had to look forward to. But when Maggie has a chance encounter with Brian, the hot, new boy at school, and her best friend Michael starts acting weird, her world turns upside down. With the help of her friend Lana, and her special relationship with her Grandmother, Maggie discovers a lot about herself and what it takes to make a good relationship. Just when Maggie thinks she has everything figured out, tragedy strikes and she is faced with the possibility that things may never be the same again.

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