Designing Transportation Systems for Older Adults

7.2.2 Infrastructure design Designers should also consider infrastructure design from the viewpoint of older cyclists. Older cyclists ride an average of 20% slower than their younger counterparts, and this includes through intersections ...

Designing Transportation Systems for Older Adults

Designing Transportation Systems for Older Adults

This book provides comprehensive information needed to assist with all aspects of designing, delivering, or evaluating transportation systems for use by older adults, and presents the necessary background on aging and human factors issues as well as practical guidelines needed to accommodate older adult transport users. Features Presents clear design guidance aimed at improving usability among older adults, a too often neglected but fast-growing segment of the transportation system population Includes comprehensive coverage of transportation systems, including the notably important issue of older drivers, but also additional transportation forms including public transportation via bus and subway, air transport, rail, bicycle, and even pedestrians Offers numerous examples throughout of best practices based on both the scientific literature and the content expertise of the authors Discusses practical implications of incorporating the recommended design principles for both older adults and other transport system users Provides useful background about normal age-related changes in sensory, cognitive, and physical abilities that impact older adults and how they interact with transportation systems

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