You Are Amazing

When you catch yourself playing small , vocalize what you're thinking . Feel the vibration . Take a moment and then ask yourself , Is that true ? If you can , actually talk about what you're thinking with your most supportive friend ...

You Are Amazing

You Are Amazing

Grounded Spirituality for the Real World Sonia and Sabrina are sisters and best friends. Trained by their mom, a world-renowned spiritual teacher and visionary guide, they know how to move through life with trust and confidence using their intuition and their intellect. They also have super regular problems, like What the heck is bad vibing me right now?, or Where does my soul want to lead me next? They love chic restaurants and Beyoncé. They talk astrology and psychology. They listen to what their Spirits love and they build their lives around what they love, instead of trying to shove their Spirits into their lives. In this book, they share with you their successes and failures. They teach you how to become your own best friend, trust your vibes and your heart, quiet that jerk who lives in your head, and move through life with confidence, trust, and creativity, even if you’re not totally sure where you’re going. Deep and real, yet silly and fun, Sonia and Sabrina invite you to become part of their tribe so you can create the life you want!

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