FREE Coupons

I try to inform you of deals that don’t require you to clip or print out coupons for a number of reasons.

  1. Not everyone has access to a printer or buys the Sunday paper.

  2. Couponing takes a lot of time. I like easy deals that won’t require me to look for, print, cut out, and organize coupons….and I know lots of other people prefer the easy deals, too.

  3. You don’t have to worry that you forgot your coupons at home. I hate when I take a drive to a particular store, only to find that I forgot some or all of my coupons! Ugh!

That being said, if you DO have the time and patience to coupon, you can save so much more money!
And more and more stores are offering digital coupons on their apps that you don’t even have to print out to use.

Here are a list of sites where you can print out coupons for FREE:


I like this site because you can search by category. It also tells you how much in total savings are being offered at the moment. Click the plus sign next to each coupon you want and watch your savings grow.


You can find Redplum coupons in the Sunday paper, but did you know that they also have coupons for you to print online? These are additional coupons that you can print for free. 


You can earn swagbucks that you can trade in for gift cards by printing and using coupons via their site.  You get 1 SB (swagbucks) for each coupon printed and 10 SBs for each coupon you use! Note: You can also earn SBs in other ways, such as taking surveys.


You earn points on InstaGC that you can trade in for gift cards, but did you know they had coupons, too? You do NOT get points for printing or redeeming coupons, but it’s still free coupons!


You can search the coupons by category or by brand. 


Here you will find coupons for different Procter & Gamble brands such as Tide, Olay, Pantene,  Venus, and Scope. They may have more brands than you thought! 


They have printable coupons, as well as digital ones that you can load right on your Publix card. With digital coupons. the savings come off at checkout when you use your rewards card. You don’t have to worry about printing them, cutting them out, and bringing them with you.

Winn Dixie

Just like Publix, they have printable AND digital coupons. Just load the digital ones to your Winn Dixie rewards card for savings at the register.


The CVS webpage will bring you to a page that has printable coupons. However, if you have the CVS app, there are additional coupons you can load onto  your rewards card. It’s worth it to download the app for these “app only” coupons. Plus, you can place orders via the app and choose curbside pick-up (if offered in your location). There are always coupon codes to save money when you choose curbside pick-up.


Many of your favorite brands have coupons right on their webpage! And if they don’t, ask for some! There is usually a “contact us” button on their website. Let them know how much you like their product and ask for coupons. Not all companies will send you free coupons, but some DO!  It only takes a few minutes so it’s worth a shot! I’ve done this before and the companies are all different. Some coupons sent to me were for $1.00 off, some 25 cents, but others were for FREE products!

Want to save more with “coupons” you don’t have to clip?

Sign up for Ibotta HERE.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You select which savings you want.
  2. You will get rebates on those products without having to cut coupons or mail anything in.
  3. Just take a picture of your receipt and scan the item.
  4. The money will go into your account within 48 hours.

And by using this link you could get an extra $10.00 welcome bonus!

You can shop by category or the store you shopped at. 


Many stores are starting to put “digital” coupons on their apps to give you more savings.

How does this work?

  1. Create an account on the store’s app. Some require you to link your store rewards card. Others you just enter your phone number.
  2. “Clip” the ones you want. Usually just clicking on the item, or checking a box. Depends on the store.
  3. At checkout either use your linked rewards card or give them your phone number that you used to register on the app. The coupons will automatically apply.


NOTE: Pictures shown in this post are examples only. Items being offered may vary by date and location.

Have expired coupons? Don’t throw them away! Send them to our troops! 

YES! Military families overseas go to the commissary on base to shop. They will take manufacturer’s coupons that are up to 6 months EXPIRED!  Due to shipping time, they recommend that you only send coupons that are expired for 2 months or less.

GO HERE to learn more.