Free and Discounted Items

Here’s a list of websites I use to get items for FREE or discounted.

Friends and family always wondered how I got so much stuff for FREE or almost free.  Well, I’m sharing with you  a list of websites I personally use.

Click each one for more details.


Search through all of the products offered and choose what you want to buy. They give you a discount code to use on Amazon right away.   Not samples. These are full size, regular items that you will get at a discounted price.

Jump Send– 

You search through all the products here, too, but you have to be approved before you can purchase the items you select.    Then they will give you a code to use on Amazon.  Not samples. These are full size, regular items.

Shop Your Way-

There are different ways to earn points, including spinning a virtual wheel on your phone for FREE! Then trade in those points for cash off your Sears or K-mart purchases in store or online! This one is one of my favorites! I can’t even tell you how much FREE stuff I have “purchased” this way!


Once a month (on a Tuesday at 12:00 noon ET)  they have a variety of free samples. Samples are not offered to everyone. The samples available to you are based on your profile. For example, if you don’t have pets, they will not offer you a cat food sample.   Select the samples you want from your available samples and they will mail them to you free of charge.

Sample Source

– Free samples. They offer these less frequently than PinchMe. They will E-mail you when new samples are available.  Select the products from the ones available and they will mail them to you for free. Sometimes they will even send you free samples randomly. I check my mailbox and…surprise!

Parent Cabin Sampler Club– 

Update: I haven’t received freebies from them EVERY month, but hey, it’s free! I can’t complain.

Sign up and you will get free samples sent to you each month.


Search through the products and select which ones you would like to purchase. UPDATE: You do not have to wait to be approved before you can buy them. They are now instant deals so when you click that you want it, you will instantly be given a discount code to use to complete your purchase on Amazon. Full size, regular items.


Products offered to you for free based on your profile. The catch? They want you to share your feedback on their website and social media to get points.  The higher your score, the more missions (free products) you are able to get.


Products are offered to you free based on your profile. The catch? They want you share your opinion on their web page and on social media. That’s how you get a higher score. The higher the score, the more campaigns (free items) you will be offered. I’ve received both sample size and full size products from this site.


They usually offer one or two freebies at a time.  Freebies not offered nearly as often as other sites, but still a free item. When you click that you are interested in a particular freebie, it usually takes about 2 weeks to receive it.  They also offer a few rebates. Once you scan a picture of your receipt, you can get that rebate money sent to your PayPal.


They usually offer a few freebies at a time. Click on the ones you want to request. Once the registration period is over for each particular free sample, they will let you know via E-mail if you qualified or not. If you did, you will receive your sample in about 5 business days.

Daily Goodie Box-

They send out new boxes each month full of sample size and full size products. Each month has different items included. They send out as many as they can, but you may not get one right away.  Once you do get your first box, leave reviews on your box and you will be more apt to get boxes more often.


This site is mostly surveys and polls. However, if you click under “Community” and then “Test Products” you can see some free products being offered. Select the ones you are interested in. Not everyone will get to try these free products, but it only takes a few minutes to request them. Who knows? You may get a freebie in the mail!