Getting the Most Out of Gift Cards

Saving Money with Gift Cards

It can be hard buying presents for others.  You don’t want to get them something they already have, or that they simply won’t like.  Remember that ugly sweater grandma bought you when you were younger?

Luckily, they make gift cards!

But even if you aren’t buying a gift card for someone else, it is worth it to buy them for yourself.

Here’s how to save using gift cards:

  • Holiday Deals: 

Many restaurants give you bonus cards when you purchase a gift card at Christmastime. For example, buy a $25 gift card and get a bonus $5 card for FREE! I buy so many restaurant gift cards at Christmastime for myself. Many times they are restaurants I would go to anyway, so now I have an extra $5 FREE to spend there! I’m thinking….dessert!

  • Special Occasions:

Some restaurants offer bonus cards throughout the year for special occasions, such as graduations. Not as many offer these as they do around Christmas, but keep an eye out!

They have a large variety of gift cards that you can get at a discounted price. Discounts range….could be 5% off, could be 25% off. Discounts vary and are always changing. I just bought a Panera Bread gift card that was 27.43% off! img_20161206_105745

I go there anyway, so why not buy a discounted gift card to save myself money? 🙂

Discounts on gift cards range on this site, too. I bought a $10 CVS gift card AND a $25 Cold Stone Creamery (YUM) gift card for a TOTAL  of $18.35 for both cards! WOW!! $35 worth of gift cards for a little over $18!screenshot-2016-12-06-at-11-42-09-am

Do you want to save, too? JOIN RAISE using this link and get $5 off your purchase!


  • Use Coupons:

Use coupons when you make your purchases to save money. Then use a discounted gift card to pay for it for EVEN MORE SAVINGS

So you are saving money by using a coupon, and then saving even more by paying with a gift card that cost less than its value! DOUBLE SAVINGS!

I love Groupon! You can get so many deals for eating at restaurants, things to do for adults or kids, pampering yourself, and even on getaways! Some discounts are 45% off, some are all depends. So buy deals on Groupon and when you go, use a discounted gift card to pay the difference!

Note: Groupon deals can’t be combined with coupons.

This is similar to Groupon. You can get deals for restaurants, salons, etc.. Discounts vary.  Purchase for a discounted price on Living Social and when you go, use a discounted gift card to pay the difference!

Note: Living Social deals can’t be combined with coupons.

  • Sell Unwanted Gift Cards:

Did you get gift cards for Christmas or your birthday that you aren’t going to use? No problem! Turn those unwanted gift cards into cash! You can sell them on Raise! You might as well get money for them instead of letting them sit in the junk drawer.

Most Shell gas stations have a gift card display. You will get 5 cents off per gallon of gas for every $50 in gift cards and airtime cards purchased when you use your FREE rewards card.

Rewards are added immediately after purchase and can be stacked with rewards you already have! So if you already have 5 cents off per gallon, and earn another 10 cents off, you will then have 15 cents off per gallon off your next fuel purchase. 

Frequently Asked Question:  How long will it take to get my gift card if I order on the websites you mentioned?

  • Raise has digital and physical gift cards. Digital cards appear INSTANTLY on the app and on the website. Physical cards will be delivered in the mail within 3-14 days.
  • I purchase gift cards from RetailMeNot using the app on my phone. I receive the gift card INSTANTLY on the app. If you order on the computer, you will receive the gift card in your E-mail.

    *Although I get mine instantly, it may take up to 24 hours to appear if you are a new member.