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Shop Your Way

Get FREE or discounted items with Shop Your Way!! Yes, this is for real!

Who doesn’t like FREE money? I have personally purchased so many items that didn’t end up costing me a cent! Just look at this screenshot of one of my orders:

You get points in 3 ways:

  1. Earn points on your purchases made online or in-store.  Get a percentage back in points on your purchases. Sometimes they have special deals where you get extra points back!  The pictures below were FREE after getting a bonus 100% of the cost back in points! 
  2. Win points (or prizes) by playing regular sweepstakes or instant win sweepstakes. Not only could you win, but it’s fun and free to play! You can play these free sweepstakes on the Shop Your Way website.  Also download the Win It app to play even more sweepstakes! It’s free to download, too! You could win whatever prize is being offered, or points, such as in the screenshot below: I have gotten lots of FREE items just by using points I won in the instant win games! I’ve also purchased expensive items at a HUGE discount by paying most of it using points I won.
  3. Surprise points. Yes! Check your account often because sometimes they give you free surprise points…just because! I just had $12 in surprise points to use on clothing. Sometimes there is a minimum, sometimes there isn’t.   And check your receipts….

Points can then be redeemed for items to purchase at Sears or Kmart online or in store. For example,  10,000 points equals $10 to spend!

You can play sweepstakes for the chance to win points or prizes for FREE WITHOUT making a purchase, so what are you waiting for?


Good luck!!img_20161005_225140

These points REALLY add up quickly!!

I just ordered another absolutely FREE item by using points I won in the Sweeps Instant Wins!

Now I have some new pajamas! On sale for 50% off and then paid for entirely using points I won in the Sweeps Instant Wins:screenshot-2016-11-16-at-12-14-42-am

And two more totally FREE items….  This blender was on sale for $15.86, I got FREE shipping AND paid for it using Shop Your Way Reward Points. Nothing out of pocket. Same with the K-cup holder. 100% paid for with Shop Your Way Reward Points I won in the Sweeps Instant Wins.

Other items I received FREE or practically FREE because I used Reward Points I won or surprise points: 

screenshot-2016-11-16-at-12-29-45-am screenshot-2016-11-16-at-12-30-33-am    screenshot-2016-11-16-at-12-31-02-am

The picture below is $132 worth of stuff…I used points I won and only had to pay $11 out of pocket total for everything! 🙂



I just got $50 worth of clothes for FREE! They had lots of clothes on CLEARANCE. Then, you got 100% back in points! This sweater  was on the clearance rack. Green ticketed items were $3.99 no matter what they said. Here’s an example:

  • It was $40 originally.
  • On clearance for $9.99 but green ticket so it really cost $3.99.
  • 100% back in points, so it was like it was FREE!

What have you bought using points you won in the sweepstakes/instant wins?

RetailMeNot Saves You Money

RetailMeNot saves you money at physical stores and online shopping.

I use the app, but you can go to the website, too.

You can get coupons and promo codes to save you money at your favorite stores.

Download the app or visit the website here.  

Here are some examples:  Note: Coupons and savings may differ by location.

You can also purchase gift cards on RetailMeNot at a discounted price. GO HERE for my tips on how to maximize savings using gift cards.


FREE Shutterfly Photo Book

You can get an 8×8 photo book, normally costing $29.99, for FREE. You DO need to pay for shipping though, which is about $7.99.  STILL a GREAT deal!!

I’ve made photo books from Shutterfly before and they are beautiful!screenshot-2016-09-14-at-11-19-50-am

The code to change the price to free during online checkout is FREEBOOK4U

Ends Sunday, September 18th. Make your book now.


Bookmark this page and visit often so you don’t miss out on any more deals! Also “like” us on facebook!


MobiSave is an app where you earn money back from your purchases.

Check out all of the offers listed. You can also look at them by category.

Click on the icon to the right of the product you want to buy. It will turn blue when you select it.img_20160908_115833

As you can see from the photo, sometimes it can be any brand and sometimes it is more specific.img_20160908_115817

After your shopping trip, click “Redeem.” Take a photo of your receipt. Click “next.”

You will see a list of all of the items you had clicked that you wanted to buy. Click on the paper clip next to the items that are on that receipt.  Then click the arrow on the bottom right.

HOW WILL I GET MY MONEY? Your savings will automatically be sent to your PayPal account.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that is hungry for your receipts!!

It’s easy! You don’t have to scan each of your items or anything.     Simply snap a photo of your receipt!

Then you can earn coins or spins based on the total amount on the receipt and the kind of store it is.

EARN COINS by taking photos of your receipts from any store that sells groceries, health and beauty items, and more.  Number of coins earned depends on the total of your purchases.


You can submit up to 20 receipts that earn coins in any 7 day rolling period.

You can also EARN SPINS. You earn 1 spin on the Hog Slot Machine for submitting receipts from retailers like clothing stores, home improvement stores, electronics stores, sporting goods stores, and more.   When you play on the Hog Slots,  you can win bonus coins and other prizes. You could even have your last shopping trip paid for!img_20160908_114026

A lot of people like this app because you don’t have to worry about scanning items  or buying from particular stores.

You also earn 1 sweepstakes entry for every receipt you submit.

HOW DO I GET MY CASH/GIFT CARD? You can request to have your coins turned into cash that will be deposited into your PayPal account or you can choose an Amazon gift card.


SavingStar  will give you cash back if you purchase any of the items being offered. You can download the app or use the computer.

*Every first of the month they have new offers, and typically on Thursdays,too.  Once in a while they get new deals on other days as they become available, so check often to see what new offers they have!




  • Look through the offers listed and click the plus sign on the items you want to purchase.



  • Once you are done, you can choose “list”.

img_20160908_111052That will be a list of only the products you clicked that you wanted to buy. This is a great shopping list to use when you are at the store because you can check off the items as you put them in your grocery cart! Love that!!


  • Scan the items you purchased to be sure they are the ones in the offer. After the items are verified, take a picture of your receipt.

One Bonus to SavingStar is sometimes they have items that have a savings of 100%!  Who doesn’t like a FREE item now and then? 🙂

HOW LONG UNTIL I GET MY MONEY? Most money will be posted to your SavingStar account within 1-10 days. It’s usually 2-3 days for me. However, it does say on the website that some stores can take up to 22 days.

HOW DO I GET MY CASH/GIFT CARD ?  When you have accumulated $5 or more in your SavingStar account you can request to have your money deposited to your PayPal account, your bank, or you can choose a gift card.