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Panera Bread Deals

Wow!! You can get a FREE item ($2 or less) at Panera Bread!

Or choose to get $2.00 off your order.

Just order online with rapid pick-up and enter promo code 2OFFORDER at checkout.

This is good for ANY order, no minimum, which is why you could get an item for FREE.

They also have another special going on right now…join the rewards club and get a FREE bagel every day until the end of the year!  Note: Some people who are already members have this reward in their account, too!

That’s not it! They also have a special where you can order a $50 gift card online and get a $10 bonus card for FREE!

See more ways to save using gift cards here.


Kohls Kitchen Appliances

WOW! 3 Toastmaster appliances for FREE, plus  a moneymaker at Kohls!

Here are your choices: 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Regular price is $29.99 each, but on sale for $18.99 each.  BUY 3 of your choice. $18.99 x 3= $56.97.
  • Use promo code JOY for 15% off, taking off $8.55. That brings the total price down to $48.42.
  • Get back $15 in Kohls cash for spending $50. $48.42-$15= $33.42. It’s not exactly $50, but it’s close enough they will give it to you. Yes, really. This is on their website: 
  • There is a $14 rebate for each one. (You can submit up to 5). You get the rebate back as a VISA prepaid card. $33.42- $14 – $14 – $14 = ALL FOR FREE (after rebates and Kohls cash) PLUS you MAKE $8.58!!!
  • You will also get FREE shipping with a $25 order!

But wait….there’s more!!

Shop this sale via EBATES…

  • and also get 6% cash back, which is about $2.91. So really it’s like all 3 appliances were FREE, plus you made $8.58+$2.91  = $11.49!

In a nutshell: Click the link right above to shop Ebates. That page will tell you what that is or just click the link to bring you right there. Then type in Kohls to shop Kohls (there’s MANY stores). Then shop as you normally would, following the directions above!


*Promo code Joy valid until 11/23.

**Products while supplies last.

***FREE plus moneymaker is AFTER rebates and earning Kohls cash.

Rebate form on the website, or you can just click here.

Super Low Prices!

Wow! There are some awesome deals available right now!*

Select which deals you want and they will send you a coupon code.  Use that discount code at checkout on Amazon and it will reduce the price. Awesome!

GO HERE to shop

To learn more click here where I have explained it in more detail. Already know what it is? Great…happy shopping!

Some of my favorite deals are pictured below. Think Christmas!

Know anyone with a beard?

Cute gift bags!
Stocking stuffers? Perfect for hotel stays when you travel during the holidays! Great for road trips! Any coffee drinkers? Would you keep or gift it?

There are many, many more deals like these!

*These may not still be available by the time you check out the website, so these are just examples.

Here’s one I just did so you can see where to put in the code and how once you hit “apply” it will lower the price on the right. 


National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day on September 29th!!

That means there are some great deals going on for Saturday, September 29, 2018 only!


Free cup of coffee with the purchase of a breakfast sandwich. One per person.

Barnes & Noble-

Get a FREE tall hot or iced coffee at the bookstores’ cafe. One per person.

Cumberland Farms-

Text “Freecoffee” to 64827 on Saturday, September 29th and you will get a text back with a coupon for a FREE coffee for Saturday only. Any size!

Note: Do not click “tap to redeem” until you are in the store. Once you click that, you only have 15 minutes before the coupon is no longer valid. 

Don’t forget, Cumberland Farms is also giving out free coffee on Fridays in October! One per person.

Dunkin’ Donuts-

Buy 1 coffee, get 1 FREE of equal or lesser value! One per person.

Krispy Kreme-

Get a FREE cup of glazed doughnut flavored coffee! One per person.


*Check with your local restaurant for participation.

Deals are valid for Saturday, September 29th ONLY!