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free shipping at walgreens plus deal

With everything that is going on right now, Walgreens is offering FREE shipping -no minimum!!

Shop Walgreens online now

or get 3% back when you shop Walgreens online using Rakuten

If you do go to the store, here is a deal for you:

In store, Orbitz gum is on sale 2/$2.00. (It is not sold online.) Clip the digital coupon they have for $1.30 off of the purchase of 2.

$2.00 – $1.30 = $.70 for both! That’s only 35 cents each pack!

FREE toothpaste at CVS!

Get FREE toothpaste this week at CVS!

Crest toothpaste is on sale for $3.00.

There’s a $2 off digital coupon in the CVS app. Send it to your card and it will automatically be deducted at checkout when you use your rewards card. $3.00-$2.00= pay only $1.00.

You will also get $1.00 in Extrabucks back, making it FREE!!

Expires 9/28/19

Coupon only valid once. However, limit of 2 on earning the Extrabucks.

Candy deal at CVS

Get your Halloween candy! Or get for yourself to snack on. 🙂

Use the red coupon center in your favorite CVS store and get a coupon for $3.00 off 3 fun size bags of Mars candy.

They are also on sale for 3 for $9.00 this week.

So far… $9.00-$3.00 = $6.00 for 3 bags…but I’m not done. 🙂

The M&Ms have a peel off coupon on them for $1.00 off 2 bags. So make sure one bag you buy is M&Ms for the coupon.

$6.00-$1.00= $5.00 for all 3 bags of candy.

That’s a great deal as is. However, I also used my $5 CVS bucks I earned last week and got them for free! Just paid 28 cents for tax.

You can also use a CVS gift card earned for free from all the apps I tell you about 🙂

Great deals!

In addition to the free items you can get at CVS (see our last 2 posts), you can get some amazing deals!

Easter candy is on sale for 75% off and Easter items (not candy) is a whopping 90% off! What’s left at your stores will vary, but here are some of my goodies:

These face masks were regularly priced at $3.99 each. I paid less than that for all of them! Only 39 cents each!!

10.2 oz bags of caramel M&Ms were regularly priced at $4.19, but they were on sale for only $1.05!

The 7 oz bag of mini eggs was regularly priced at $4.49, but were on sale for only $1.12!

10 pack of organic gummy fruits were regularly priced at $5.99, but were on sale for $1.49!

So go to CVS and see what deals YOU get! We’d love to hear about it! Or better yet, show us pictures and post on our facebook page!

FREE gum at CVS!

Get a FREE pack of gum at CVS!

Ok, so this is not listed as a freebie because you do have to spend 99 cents on the gum. However, when you use your CVS rewards card, you will immediately get 99 cents back in Extrabucks. So it’s like it’s free!

Do this and then use that 99 cents in Extrabucks right away on the rest of your items. 🙂