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CVS Deals 2/18 – 2/24

Here are some deals at CVS this week (2/18 – 2/24)!

Extra or Eclipse gum singles- FREE! 

  • On sale for 99 cents.
  • Get back 99 cents Extrabucks, making it like it’s free!

Softsoap liquid hand soap 7.5 oz or Irish Spring bar 3 pack- $1 each 

  • On sale 2/$4.00. Buy 2.
  • Get back $2 in Extrabucks, so it’s like $4.00-$2.00 = $2.00 for both ($1.00 each!)

Almay Cosmetics- $2 for $12 worth of product 

  • Purchase $12 worth of Almay Cosmetics.
  • Use $3 off $12 any cosmetics in app or kiosk. $12 – $3 = $9.00
  • Use $3 off Almay Cosmetics at kiosk in store (it may have already printed on a previous receipt). $9 -$3 = $6.00
  • Get back $4 in Extrabucks. $6.00- $4.00 = $2.00!
  • This will also count towards Beauty Bucks!

Garnier Nutrisse hair color- $3.00 each 

  • On sale 2/$14.00. Buy 2.
  • Use (2) $2.00 off coupons found here. $14.00 – $2 – $2 = $10.00
  • Get $4 in Extrabucks, so it’s like $10.00 – $4.00 = $6 for both!
  • That’s $3.00 each! You get 2 for less than the regular price of 1!

Wet n Wild cosmetics-$1 for $10 of products 

  • Purchase $10 worth of Wet n Wild cosmetics.
  • Use $4 off Wet n Wild Cosmetics from kiosk or in app. $10 -$4.00 = $6.00
  • Get back $5 in Extrabucks, so it’s like $6.00-$5.00 = $1.00 for $10 worth or products!!

Cottonelle Clean Care, Scott Tube-Free bath tissue 9 roll or Viva  Vantage 6 roll 

  • On sale for $4.99 each. Buy 3.       $4.99 x 3 = $14.97.
  • You can choose which you want to buy. All 3 the same, all 3 different. It’s up to you.  Here are some coupons for you to use:
  • $ .55 off Scott tube-free bath tissue
  • $ .50 off Viva Vantage paper towels
  • Plus, get back $5 in Extrabucks for buying 3.
  • Submit for 50 cents cash back when you buy Cottonelle to ibotta.
  • Submit for 25 cents cash back for making any CVS purchase to ibotta.

Speed Stick- 2 FREE + a moneymaker!  

  • On sale 2/$5.00. Buy 2.
  • Use (2) 50 cents off coupons found here.  $5.00 – $.50 – $.50 = $4.00.
  • $2 off Personal Care coupon from the kiosk in store. $4.00-$2.00= $2.00
  • Plus a coupon from the kiosk for $1.00 off a $5 deodorant purchase. $2.00-$1.00= $1.00
  • Get back $2 in Extrabucks, so it’s like $1.00 – $2.00 =  both for FREE, PLUS I made $1.00!! 

Xtra Detergent 

  • Buy 1, get 1 FREE!

Physician’s Formula Make-up- $10 worth for FREE!

  • Select $10 worth of Physician’s Formula Make-up. ( I chose a lip gloss for $9.99).
  • Use $3 off Physician’s Formula coupon from kiosk. $10-$3.00 =$7.00
  • Get back $7 in Extrabucks, so it’s like you get $10 of product for FREE!

Disclaimer: Must use CVS rewards card to get sale prices, get CVS coupons from kiosk and app, and earn Extrabucks.

Prices and offers available may vary by location and account.


Ruffles Baller for a Day Sweepstakes

You could hang out on the court at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2018!


Grand Prize Includes:
  • Flights + Hotel Accommodations for Two

    • Friday Night: NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2018
    • Saturday Night: State Farm All-Star Saturday Night: Taco Bell Skills Challenge + JBL 3-Point Contest + Verizon Slam Dunk
    • Sunday Night: 67th NBA All-Star Game
  • Access to select parties and events
  • Cash


Are you Throwing Away Money?

Are You Throwing Away Money?

Chances are the answer is YES! 

Expiration Dates

Many people see an expiration date and panic.  If it’s passed the best buy/use by date, they will immediately throw it away…and that may be throwing away money for no reason!

That product may still be good.  Did you know most items are not even required by law to have an expiration date? Manufacturers put an expiration or best buy date on voluntarily. 

Why would they do this? 

Well, look at all those people who toss an item when it’s passed the date they put on the package. Now all those people will go out and BUY a new one. That’s more sales for the company.

That’s not to say items never spoil. Depending on the product and how long after the date, some items will still be safe to eat, but won’t be as fresh.  However, some will need to be tossed. So another reason they put a use by/sell by/expires date is to cover themselves.

But think about this….

How could the manufacturer possibly know the exact date an item will be “less fresh” or spoil? They can’t.

Many factors come into play. Was it shipped properly? Handled properly? Stored properly?

I am NOT saying that you will never throw away food. Some items WILL need to be tossed, but others are still quite safe to consume. Use your judgement when deciding whether or not an item is still safe to eat or if you should throw it away. If it looks or smells funny, throw it away, even if it is BEFORE the use by date.

Did You Know?

There are stores out there that sell products passed their sell by/use by dates? I am lucky enough to have one such store about an hour away from me.

It’s called The Auction Store in Swansea, Massachusetts. Let me tell you, the money I save is well worth the time and gas to go there! I’ve purchased candy bars for 25 cents, small bags of Oreos for 10 cents, milk, bacon, tons of frozen food, cereal, K-cups, and so much more!

Let’s not forget to mention the owners. When you go there, it’s like you are part of a family.  It’s such a different atmosphere than when you go to a large supermarket chain.

In conclusion,  if you buy something at the supermarket that they have at these salvage stores, you are throwing money out the window!  



Earning Station- Earn Gift Cards

There are a lot of survey sites out there, but not all of them are worth your time.

I would spend 10 minutes answering questions and then it would say I didn’t qualify. Don’t you hate that? What a waste of my time!

Well, you can actually accumulate a decent amount with this site fairly quickly. Then trade them in for gift cards. 

You can earn by…

  • Answering polls
  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos you want to watch anyway
  • Playing Games
  • Shopping

GO HERE to start earning now!

WARNING: Your money earned expires! I used to visit the site almost daily but then life gets in the way. I didn’t know earned money expired and I lost over $22.00 for being inactive 🙁 If you aren’t active in 90 days, you forfeit all your earned money. So I suggest cashing in frequently.

Up to $500 FREE at JCPenney

It’s back!!!!!!!

Head over to JCPenney on Thanksgiving Day where they will be passing out coupons again!

If you went all the previous times I told you, you know they go quickly so get there EARLY!

You could get up to $500 in free merchandise, but the least you will get is $10!

Coupons will be either $10 off a $10 purchase, $100 off a $100 purchase, or $500 off a $500 purchase! WOW!

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. One per person.

My store is opening at 2 PM on Thanksgiving Day to pass these out. Check with your local store, as hours may vary by location.

Top 1% Saver in RI!


I’m honored to say that I just received an Email from CVS saying that I was in the top 1% of savers at CVS in the state of RI!

If you want to save, too, be sure to check out my posts where I list breakdowns of my favorite deals.  Just look in the “Shopping Deals and Savings” category or do a search on this website for “CVS”.

YOU could be saving, too!!