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Pinch me-FREE samples!

When something is too good to be true you ask someone to pinch you in case you are dreaming. Well, you are not dreaming.

You really can get FREE stuff!

GO HERE TO SIGN UP for free samples.

What to learn more about this?

Once a month you can select which items you want in your PinchMe box from your available offers. I usually rip open the box and can’t wait to try everything!

The picture below was just one of my free boxes! No gimmicks. No hidden costs. ABSOLUTELY FREE! 


 GO HERE TO SIGN UP for free samples.

Remember, this site has new offers once a month and they are while supplies last.

Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date so you will be offered free samples of things you could use. For example, if your profile says that you don’t have pets, you won’t be offered cat food.

Here are some more pictures of previous boxes that I got ABSOLUTELY FREE!


I can’t wait to try the Pure Leaf tea! That’s in the bag to the right of the deodorant.

I haven’t taken a picture from every box I have received, so I went to my order history on PinchMe and here are some pictures of what I have gotten for FREE:
Wow! That’s a lot of FREE samples that were sent right to my door!


What are you waiting for? Go now and fill out your profile so they will know which samples would be a good fit for you!

FREE WoodWick candle

img_20161004_001551Share a FREE WoodWick candle with someone you love!

It doesn’t cost you a thing, so what are you waiting for? Lighten up someone’s day.

GO HERE to send a candle before they run out!


  • Receiver and sender can’t have the same address.
  • You can only send one candle each day.
  • Only one candle can be received per household.
  • You must click the confirmation link in your E-mail within 4 hours and then they will send the candle to your loved one.