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Home Depot Kids Workshop

Veterans Day Toy Helicopterscreenshot-2016-10-18-at-4-48-17-pm

In honor of Veterans Day, Home Depot is holding a hands-on workshop where you and your child can build a toy helicopter with turning blades! Once the toy helicopter is built, your child can decorate it with paint and stickers to create a mini-military vehicle.

The location near me is on Saturday, November 5, 2016 from 9AM-12PM but check the date and time for the Home Depot near you in case it is different.

You MUST register for the event so they have plenty of materials for everyone.

GO HERE to register at a location near you.


Join Smiley360
Here’s a way to test out products for absolutely FREE!

The catch? They just want you to give your opinion about it after you’ve used it. With opinions from people like yourself, big brand companies can see what is working (or not working) with their products.

I’ve gotten many products to test AND KEEP from this website. Yes, everything is yours to keep just for trying it.
I just got a sleep number pillow in the mail. I can’t wait to use it! If you could only feel it! WOW!

Not everyone gets to try out every product.  When items become available that fit your profile they will let you know. You can then choose to “accept your mission” and try it out, or you can pass if you don’t want the item.

GO HERE to join now.

And yes, FREE shipping!

Look! Full size products sent to me for FREE! 

Sample Source

Here’s another site where you can get FREE samples so you can try before you buy!


FREE samples! FREE shipping! WOW!!

  1. Select the free samples you want from the products being offered to you. Products offered to you depend on your profile. For example, if your profile says you don’t have pets, you won’t be offered cat food.
  2. They will ship you the FREE samples with FREE SHIPPING!

GO HERE to see which samples you can get!

Remember: They do this every so often when they get new samples so keep checking back.

Here are just some of the products I have received for FREE:

  • Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste
  • Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner
  • Dry Dusting Disposable Cloths
  • Truvía Natural Sweetener
  • Nature’s Path Granola
  • Truvía Nectar
  • Sundown Naturals Melatonin 5 mg Gummies
  • Breathe Right Extra Clear Nasal Strips
  • Garnier Fructis Grow Strong

img_20161106_083716Toothpaste, vitamins, dusting cloth, 2 samples of granola, truvia nectar, truvia natural sweetener, and breathe right strips, and coupons.

As you see, I received sample size items, as well as full size. Also to keep it free shipping, sometimes they send you  coupons so you can go to the store and get items for FREE, like the box of hair color as in the picture above!

Secret Blue Butterfly

screenshot-2016-10-17-at-11-57-09-pmI can’t tell you how much I LOVE this!!

It’s all about doing a random act of kindness and leaving behind a blue butterfly as your secret signature. The butterfly tells them that they were part of a random act of kindness and to please pay it forward.

You don’t have to be rich. Acts of kindness can be free, or less than $5.00.

Here are some ideas for you…

  • Send dessert over to the next table at a restaurant (and the butterfly)
  • Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line (and leave the butterfly for them)
  • Tape a dollar or a five dollar bill and the butterfly to a vending machine
  • Put in a dollar or a five dollar bill and the butterfly inside the case for the next person to rent a DVD at Redbox
  • Smile and hold the door open for someone and give them a butterfly
  • Help someone cross the street or bring their groceries to their car and give them the butterfly
  • Put quarters in the shopping carts at stores like Aldi’s where you have to pay to use the cart.

What a wonderful world this would be if we spread more joy.

You can download or request free secret blue butterflies HERE.

Do you have any random act of kindness ideas? I would love to read them below!

Pinch me-FREE samples!

When something is too good to be true you ask someone to pinch you in case you are dreaming. Well, you are not dreaming.

You really can get FREE stuff!

GO HERE TO SIGN UP for free samples.

What to learn more about this?

Once a month you can select which items you want in your PinchMe box from your available offers. I usually rip open the box and can’t wait to try everything!

The picture below was just one of my free boxes! No gimmicks. No hidden costs. ABSOLUTELY FREE! 


 GO HERE TO SIGN UP for free samples.

Remember, this site has new offers once a month and they are while supplies last.

Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date so you will be offered free samples of things you could use. For example, if your profile says that you don’t have pets, you won’t be offered cat food.

Here are some more pictures of previous boxes that I got ABSOLUTELY FREE!


I can’t wait to try the Pure Leaf tea! That’s in the bag to the right of the deodorant.

I haven’t taken a picture from every box I have received, so I went to my order history on PinchMe and here are some pictures of what I have gotten for FREE:
Wow! That’s a lot of FREE samples that were sent right to my door!


What are you waiting for? Go now and fill out your profile so they will know which samples would be a good fit for you!

FREE WoodWick candle

img_20161004_001551Share a FREE WoodWick candle with someone you love!

It doesn’t cost you a thing, so what are you waiting for? Lighten up someone’s day.

GO HERE to send a candle before they run out!


  • Receiver and sender can’t have the same address.
  • You can only send one candle each day.
  • Only one candle can be received per household.
  • You must click the confirmation link in your E-mail within 4 hours and then they will send the candle to your loved one.