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You could get up to $1200!

If you received a telemarketing call from DISH Network in 2010-2011, you may be entitled money!

That’s a long time ago to know if you did or not, but you can find out easily.

Simply GO HERE to see if your phone number was on the Do Not Call list, but was called anyway and file a claim if it was.

You could get up to $1200. Exact amount depends on the settlement and how many people submit a claim.

You have until June 18, 2018 to submit a claim.



Burger King Class Action Settlement

Did you purchase 2 or more  CROISSAN’WICH breakfast sandwiches at Burger King between October 1, 2015 and May 19, 2017?

If so, you MAY be entitled to money. Click the link below for the details.

Do NOT file a claim if this doesn’t pertain to you. If you don’t have a receipt, just do your best to estimate cost, location, etc..

GO HERE to file a claim.

Claim must be filed by 01/19/18.

Amazon Class Action Settlement

You could be entitled to a refund if one of your children under 18 years old made in-app purchases without your permission.

WHEN?  Purchases made between November 2011 and May 2016.

Amazon has been contacting people who were affected via E-mail, so check your inbox and spam folders!!

If you haven’t received an E-mail but believe you may be entitled to the refund, log into your Amazon account and look in the message center for important messages.

Claim deadline: 5/28/18.


NatureMade Class Action Settlement

If you purchased certain TripleFlex, you could be entitled to a cash settlement.

Purchase must have been made between May 1, 2007 and June 5, 2017. Proof of purchase not necessary, but do NOT file a claim if you did not really purchase the qualifying products. 

The following products qualify:

TripleFlex Products:

  • TripleFlex
  • TripleFlex 50+
  • TripleFlex LSG (Liquid Soft Gels)
  • TripleFlex Mood & Joint
  • TripleFlex Bone & Joint
  • TripleFlex Rapid Relief
  • TripleFlex Rapid Relief B/B
  • TripleFlex Rapid Relief T/P
  • TripleFlex with Vitamin D3
  • TripleFlex Triple Strength
  • TripleFlex Triple Strength B/B
  • TripleFlex Triple Strength Twin Pack
  • TripleFlex Triple Strength LSG (Liquid Soft Gels)
  • TripleFlex Triple Strength with Vitamin D3
  • TripleFlex Double Strength (formerly TripleFlex Maximum Strength)

NatureMade Glucosamine Products:

  • Glucosamine 500 mg Tablet
  • Glucosamine 1000 mg Tablet
  • Glucosamine with Vitamin D [Vitamin D3]
  • Glucosamine 1500, MSM 1000 with Vitamin D [Vitamin D3]
  • Glucosamine 500 mg Chondroitin 400 mg
  • Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM
  • Glucosamine HCL + MSM with Vitamin D [Vitamin D3]
  • Glucosamine MSM
  • Triple Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin

Berkley and Jensen (BJ’s) Glucosamine Products:

  • BJ’s Triple Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin
  • BJ’s Glucosamine 500 mg Chondroitin 400 mg
  • BJ’s Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM
  • BJ’s Glucosamine/MSM
  • BJ’s Glucosamine HCL + MSM with Vitamin D [Vitamin D3]
  • BJ’s Glucosamine, MSM + Vitamin D Tablet [Vitamin D3]


Without proof of purchase, you can get up to $12.50 per item, up to 4 items.

With proof of purchase, you could get up to $25 per item, up to 4 products.

You could also choose to get products back instead of cash, up to 6 qualifying products.

Deadline to file: November 13, 2017.

Lithium-ion Battery Class Action Settlement

Did you buy a laptop, cell phone, camcorder, or power tool between January 1, 2000 and May 31, 2011?

The answer is most likely YES!

Well, you could be entitled to a cash settlement! Amount depends on factors such as how many people file a claim and how many products purchased.

GO HERE to file a claim and to find out more information about what products qualify.

Must file by September 9/30/17.


Aveeno Active Naturals Class Action

You could get $50 for FREE!


If you purchased select Aveeno Active Naturals products between May 7, 2007 and June 13, 2017, you may get a free cash settlement! 

I used to buy this all the time! I always bought the lotion but there are many other products listed in the class action settlement.

If you purchased these products, you could receive $2.50 for each purchase (up to 20 without proof of purchase). If you have proof of purchase you can receive unlimited covered products.

One claim per household. Do NOT file a claim if you did not purchase this.


The claim period ends 2/4/18.

I’ve posted other class action settlements before and people have received hundreds of dollars for FREE!

Says one follower, “I forgot all about it until I got the check in the mail.”

We love hearing about our fans winning prizes and saving/getting money!

Carnival Cruise Class Action Settlement

Did you get one of those calls offering you a cruise? You could get up to $300 per RMG telemarketing call, up to $900 total!

If you aren’t sure if you did or not, mark the 3rd option and simply put in your phone number. It will let you know if you qualify.

You could get up to $900!!

GO HERE to see if money is owed to YOU! 

If you want to file a claim, you must complete the online form or fill it out and send it in the mail. It must be postmarked no later than November 3, 2017.

**Note:  Although payment amounts could be $300-$900, actual payment amounts will be based on the total number of calls and valid Claim Forms received.