FREE items at CVS

You can get 3 items for FREE at CVS!!!

Go to the red coupon center inside the store. Enter your phone number (or card number) and it will print out coupons. When finished, enter your phone number or card number again. You may get more coupons. Keep doing this until it says all coupons have printed.

Most people don’t realize you can do this more than once at a time and are missing out on coupons!

There is a coupon for $4 off 2 tampons, pads, or liners (any brand). The Carefree liners are $1.99 a pack. Get 2 and you’ll get them both for FREE!

There’s also a coupon for $2 off CVS brand patches. The single pack is $1.89, making this FREE!

Go before the coupons expire!

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