Dollar General Deal

WOW!!! I just got clothes for only 1 cent each– NO COUPONS!

I went to Dollar General and some of my items rang up as only 1 cent! When I got home, I realized it was all the clothes that had a blue dot on them. Yes, this outfit for ONE CENT!!

I just went to another Dollar General and purchased more clothes with a blue dot on them. They rang up as only 1 cent each, too! See the blue dot on the tag.

Yup, this shirt only 1 cent! 

Now, I’m telling you so you can get this amazing deal, too, but here are some things to follow:

  1. If you go and for some reason a blue dot item does NOT ring up a penny, do NOT tell the cashier it is supposed to be a penny.  Either pay what it is, or tell them you changed your mind and don’t buy it. (I would be nice and put it back myself).
  2. Do NOT ask them where the penny items are.
  3. Do NOT talk about items being only one cent while you are in the store.

Now, don’t get worried. This is perfectly legal. It’s not a glitch. In fact, I looked up their website and it says how sometimes things are marked down to a penny. If something happens to ring up a penny while you are cashing out, they have to sell it to you, but only what you have. You can’t go back and get more.

Happy shopping!

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