Ibotta- Earn Cash Back

Ibotta is a wonderful app that gives you money back for your everyday shopping.

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Although I mainly use it for grocery and health and beauty items, there are actually more categories.  They are:

  1.  Grocery
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Clothing
  4. Beer, Wine, and Spirits
  5. Beauty and Wellness
  6. Specialty
  7. Restaurants and Bars
  8. Convenience
  9. Mobile Apps

So here’s what you do…

  1. Pick your category.        Let’s say I am going to go grocery shopping. I would click on “grocery.” Then it lists the stores nearby (or you can select all stores).

img_20160908_1002012.  Choose the store.          I clicked on Walmart. Now it tells me which rebates are hot or which ones are new. It also lists them by categories, such as breakfast,  breads, etc.. Sometimes you only get the rebate if you buy a particular brand, other times it doesn’t matter, as you can see from the photo.img_20160908_100138

3. “Unlock” the offers you want.

4.  “Verify puchases.”       All of your unlocked items will be listed. Check off and scan the barcode of the items you actually purchased on that shopping trip.

5. Receipt.     Depending on which store you shopped at, you will either take a picture of the receipt, scan the barcode,  or scan the QR code on the receipt.


HOW LONG UNTIL I GET MY MONEY?    You get your cash back in your Ibotta account in less than 24 hours.

HOW DO I GET MY CASH/GIFT CARD?    You can get the money in your Ibotta account sent to your PayPal or venmo account, or you can exchange it for a gift card once you have $20 in your Ibotta account. (It seems like a lot but it adds up fast!)

img_20160908_100220Join Ibotta  now using this link and you could also earn an extra $10!

See how fast they add up! I have over $40 already!

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