Checkout51 is great for earning cash back on groceries and health and beauty purchases.

You can download the app or you can use the computer.

Each week there are different offers available to you. The week period begins on Thursdays at midnight EDT and ends at 11:59PM EDT on Wednesdays.

  1. Look through the offers. They have the popular ones first and then it is broken down into categories.

2. Put a star next to items you want to purchase.img_20160908_104332

3. When you go shopping, click on “starred” on the top right. Now it will only list the items you put a star next to. This can be your shopping list.

4. After making your purchases, click “upload receipt” on the bottom. Take a photo of your receipt. If your receipt is too long, click “add section”. Once you took a photo of the entire receipt click “finish.”

5. Click on the items that are on that receipt and click “Claim it.”

HOW LONG UNTIL I GET MY MONEY? Once they verify you made those particular purchases on that receipt, you get credited to your Checkout51 Account. No set time listed.

HOW DO I GET MY CASH/GIFT CARD?   Once you have $20 or more in your Checkout51 account, you can request payment.  Then they will mail you a physical check. You don’t have an option to get gift cards with this app. 

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